Put a Screenshot in a Word 2010 document

Hey if you have upgraded to Office 2010, sales you might have noticed an unreal new feature which allows you to very quickly paste a screenshot into your Word 2010 documents, find Excel 2010 workbooks, site or PowerPoint 2010 decks!

Here is how!

  1. Open up your Word 2010 document
  2. Click on the “Insert tab” in the Word 2010 ribbon
  3. Look for the “Illustrations” group
  4. Click on “Screenshot”

Once you click on “Screenshot, you have two options.  The first is to simply paste in the screenshots that Word 2010 has already taken for you!  For example, if you have four different applications open, Word has figured out that you might want a screenshot of one of those applications – and simply lets you pick which one you want to use (very smart!).  All you have to do is click on the screenshot you want to use!

The second is to take a screen clipping – which allows you very fine control over which part of your screen you want to take a screen shot of.  Simply click on “Screen Clipping” and then drag your mouse to select your screenshot.

Either way, getting screenshots into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2010 just became a whole lot easier!

‘till next time!

Count the number of blank Cells in Excel

Are you building a spreadsheet and would like to know how many black cells you have in a given range in an Excel 2007, seek Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 workbook?

There is a great function in Excel that you can use to do exactly that – count the number of BLANK cells in a range.

Simply type…


(replace range with the range of cells you want to limit your count to).

Note that there is one particular thing that might slip you up with this function.  When using =COUNTBLANK(), healing Excel is only searching for blank, empty cells.  If you have a space in a cell for example – it might look empty to you, but Excel can see that there is a space – which means it will not think it is blank, and not count it.

‘till next time!

How to undo in Word 2010

So you have upgraded to Word 2010!  If you have made the leap from Office 2003 or earlier, ask you might have a few challenges finding some of the features you use regularly.  One of those great features is Undo!  (I think Undo is the feature I use the most!)

To undo in Word 2010, you can either do it using your mouse, or using some shortcut keys.

To undo using your mouse in Word 2010:

  • Look towards the top left hand corner of your Word 2010 window.  Just above the office button you will see a number of small icons along the top of the screen (by the way – that is called the “Quick Access Toolbar”).  Click on the one that looks like an arrow that points backwards – that is the undo button. 
  • If you want to undo more than one mistake action – click on the little down arrow beside that button, and it will give you a list of actions you can undo!

To undo using shortcut keys in Word 2010:

  • Simply hold down the “CTRL” key, and press “z” (CTRL+Z)
  • To undo more than once, just keep pressing CTRL+Z

So there you have it – the easy way to get rid of your mistakes in Word 2010! 🙂

‘till next time!

(PS. try this article if you are looking to undo in Word 2007)