Protect a Sheet in Excel

Do you want to stop people messing with your data, site formulas, sale formatting, or all of the above in Excel 2007?  Well did you know you very quickly protect your spreadsheet from those rogue operators!

Here is how you do it in Excel 2007, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013:

1) Make sure you are currently looking at the sheet you want to protect

2) Click on the “Review” tab in the ribbon”

3) Look for the “Changes” group”

4) Click on “Protect Sheet”

A little “Protect Sheet” dialog box will appear that will give you a number of options, so you can be very granular in how much control you want people to have over the sheet.

For example, you can allow users to select cells, but not format them.  You can allow people to insert rows, but not insert columns.  And best of all you can add a password to the sheet to ensure only you can make any changes to what can and can’t be modified.

Now, you are really in control!

‘till next time!