Change the Search Highlight Color in Outlook 2007

If you regularly use the quick search feature of Outlook 2007, medical you will be very familiar with the yellow highlight that is used to highlight search terms found in your inbox.

But did you know, pills if yellow isn’t your favourite colour, order you can change the search highlight to any colour you want?

To change the search highlight color in Outlook 2007:

1) Click on “Tools”

2) Run your mouse over “Instant Search” to expand the menu

3) Click on “Search Options”

4) Look just over half way down the “Search Options” box, and click on “Change…”

5) Select your favourite colour from the “Color” box that appears

6) Click “OK”

Now you can highlight your search terms in pink, blue, red, orange or any other colour under the rainbow!

‘till next time!