Rugby Fan? Use Excel to track the Rugby World Cup

So you are a small business with a handful of users that use Office 365 for email, click collaboration and alike.  What if one of those user’s forgets their password?

Now – if you are a user who has forgotten their password – the best thing to do will be to talk to your IT team, more about
or the person in charge of all your Office 365 accounts.  If they don’t know how to reset your password, viagra
simply tell them to read the rest of this article.

If you don’t have a fancy set up like some larger organisations with things like DirSync, and ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services), you will probably just want to reset the password for their Microsoft Online Services account.

To do that, if you are the administrator of your Office 365 “tenant” all you need to do is:

1) Sign into the Office 365 Portal (

2) On the Admin page, you will see a number of “Admin Shortcuts” at the top of the page.  Click on “Reset User passwords”


3) Select the user from the list that you want to reset the password for – make sure you check the box beside their name

4) At the top of the list of users, now select “Reset Password”

5) Select whether or not you want to email the user their new password

6) Click “Reset Password”

Simple as that!  Now if you are the administrator of your Office 365 tenant and have forgotten your Administrator Password… stop panicking!  Take a look at this article from the Office 365 Technical Blog which will help you reset your Office 365 administrator password.

‘till next time!

Are you just starting out with Project 2010?  Maybe you are a “real-world hardened” project manager looking to create a better Work Breakdown Structure?

Microsoft have put together a great site to help you get more out of Project.  You can learn about:

  • Easier Planning with User-Controlled Scheduling
  • Enhanced Copy & Paste
  • Intuitive Access with the Ribbon
  • Add Key Milestones to the Timeline View
  • Add a New Column and Save as a Custom Table
  • Manage Resources with the Team Planner
  • Add Project Summary Tasks & Outline Numbers
  • Make Smart Scheduling Decisions with Task Inspector
  • Sync with SharePoint
  • Focus on Data with Auto Filter

You can find all those tips and tricks articles over at the Microsoft Project 2010 site, Glaucoma

If you are like me and follow Rugby Union (Go the ALL BLACKS!!!), case
you will love something that the team at the Excel Blog posted the other day.

It is a spread sheet that you can use to track your team’s progress during the world cup.

Read more about the Rugby World Cup score tracker and get your hands on the free Excel spread sheet on the Excel Blog