Cross Referencing in Word 2007

Have you ever read a document that has a line like… “See more in section 5.1” or “Refer to figure 8”

Did you know in Word 2007 you can create these cross references, search and automatically include a hyperlink which when clicked will take the reader directly to the content?

It looks a little complicated when you first take a look, viagra but here is the easy way to create a cross reference in Word 2007

1) Make sure any content you are going to cross reference to exists in the first place.  If you have pictures which you will refer to as figures for example, ailment make sure you are using captions – if not, you can’t cross reference to them

2) Click where you want the cross reference to be placed in your document

3) Click on the “Insert” tab of the ribbon

4) Look for the “Links group”

5) Click on “Cross-reference”

6) You will see two drop down boxes in the “Cross-reference” window.  In the first drop down box, select the type of thing in your document you want to cross reference to – for example if you want to link to a heading, select “Heading”, if you want to cross reference to a figure, select “Figure”

7) You will notice that in the big white box below, a list of all the different things you can cross reference to will now appear.  Select the item you want to cross reference to.  Note, if it doesn’t appear in the list, chances are you haven’t used the right caption, or used a heading style on the item

8) In the second drop down box, select how you want the cross reference described to take the reader of the document – do you just want the page number? or the heading text, or the caption, or the figure number?  Select your preferred option

9) When you are ready, click on “Insert”

‘till next time!