Create your 2011 Calendar in Word 2007

Hi – looking to see how to create a 2011 calendar in Word 2010 – click here.

With 2010 behind us in most parts of the world, stuff now is the time to start creating your own 2011 calendars using Word 2007.

It is a lot simpler than you think!  Here is how you do it.

1) Make sure you are connected to the internet

2) Click on the Office Orb in the top left hand corner of the screen (the old file menu)

3) Click on “New”

4) In the “New Document” dialog box that appears, on the left hand side you will see a long list of different template types you can find on Microsoft Office Online.  click on “Calendars”

5) Click on “2011 calendars”

6) Pick your favourite design from the dozens that appear!  Once you have selected the one you like, just click “Download” in the bottom right hand corner

7) After Word downloads the Calendar, it will appear ready for you to use, edit or print straight away.

It couldn’t be any simpler than that.  Wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead!

‘till next time!


Create your 2011 Calendar in Word 2010

Well it is New Years Day in most of the world – Welcome to 2011!!!

So with that in mind lets figure out how to create a 2011 Calendar using Word 2010.  Creating a personalised calendar – whether a simple month view or something a bit more complicated which you can record appointments, mind see the lunar phases, ask or public holidays – is an absolute breeze.

Here is how to create a 2011 Calendar in Word 2010:

  1. Go to the File menu, pills and click New
  2. Look at the Templates section.  If you are connected to the internet you will see a folder called “Calendars”.  Click on it!
  3. Click on “2011 Calendars”
  4. Select your preferred style from the library of calendar templates.


Simple as that – now you can go ahead and personalize the calendar to suit your needs, save it, print it out, and be more organised in 2011!

‘till next time!


It’s Time to Celebrate – Win a copy of 2007 Microsoft Office System Inside Out

Do you want to win a copy of “2007 Microsoft Office System Inside Out” by John Pierce – valued at $USD 49.99?  If so… read on…


This month is a great one here at The New Paperclip, hospital for a number of reasons:

  1. The first month where I have had over 50 000 unique visitors, discount who just like you are trying to solve their Office 2007 (and now Office 2010) challenges;
  2. I delivered a session at OfficeDevCon09 where there wasn’t a single spare seat in the room; and just today…
  3. I have launched a Facebook Fan page, so you can keep up to date with all the tips, tricks and tutorials from!

So to celebrate all these good things, I am giving away a great resource – almost 1300 pages of everything you would ever want to know about Microsoft Office 2007.

So what do you need to do to be in the draw to win?

Before 15 December 2009 – simply do the following:

  • Become a Fan of The New Paperclip on Facebook, and
  • Post on the wall of the fan page the one thing you would love to know how to do, or problem you would love to solve in Office 2007.

I will pick a winner at random from all the wall posts, and let you all know here, and on the Facebook Fan page who the winner is.

That is all there is to it – just become a fan of The New Paperclip today, and let me know what Office 2007 problems you would like me to help you with – and you could win!  GOOD LUCK!

‘till next time!

PS… whilst we are at it, if you are on twitter and not following @thenewpaperclip… why not?

Put a Screenshot in a Word 2010 document

Hey if you have upgraded to Office 2010, sales you might have noticed an unreal new feature which allows you to very quickly paste a screenshot into your Word 2010 documents, find Excel 2010 workbooks, site or PowerPoint 2010 decks!

Here is how!

  1. Open up your Word 2010 document
  2. Click on the “Insert tab” in the Word 2010 ribbon
  3. Look for the “Illustrations” group
  4. Click on “Screenshot”

Once you click on “Screenshot, you have two options.  The first is to simply paste in the screenshots that Word 2010 has already taken for you!  For example, if you have four different applications open, Word has figured out that you might want a screenshot of one of those applications – and simply lets you pick which one you want to use (very smart!).  All you have to do is click on the screenshot you want to use!

The second is to take a screen clipping – which allows you very fine control over which part of your screen you want to take a screen shot of.  Simply click on “Screen Clipping” and then drag your mouse to select your screenshot.

Either way, getting screenshots into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2010 just became a whole lot easier!

‘till next time!

Start Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 automatically

If you are like me, thumb or anyone else that I work with, online in fact if you are anyone in business today – chances are you use Outlook EVERY DAY!

And if you are like 99% of the population, you will double click on that Outlook icon every morning to open it.  Talk about wasting time! 

Did you know that we can automate things so Outlook will automatically start whenever you log into your computer. 

All you need to do is find the “Startup” folder in your Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 start menu.  Once you have found it, simply drag the Outlook icon into that folder.

Actually this works with any program, not just Outlook.  So if you want to automatically start Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer… in fact any application on your computer – just drag the icon into the Startup folder.

So there you have it – one less thing for you to do in the morning!

‘till next time!

The New Paperclip @ Microsoft TechEd Australia 2009

If you follow @thenewpaperclip on Twitter (or @paulwoods – the guy behind The New Paperclip), ambulance you would have known that I was presenting at TechEd Australia the past week.

My session (with Microsoft Australia’s Andrew Lowson) was titled “Personal Productivity for the IT Pro” and was one of the level 100 sessions in the Office System track.

It was never meant to be a deep dive – simply a session to highlight some quick productivity wins you can get simply by getting to know the tools you already have in front of you – in this case, Microsoft Office.

The best part of the session was that about about half way through we handed it over to the audience and started crowd sourcing productivity tips.  It was obvious that there are some very smart, very passionate people out there – and plenty of knowledge was shared

For those of you who could not make it to TechEd, or are unable to access the session I delivered via your TechEd Online subscription, whilst on site at the Gold Coast Convention Centre I did record a TechTalk just for you.

Titled “The Productivity Myth”, this interview with Alistair Speirs from Microsoft Australia will give you a taste of what the session was all about.

If you want to read more about “The Productivity Myth” – check out this blog post

Looking forward to seeing you all at TechEd next year!

‘till next time!