Automatically Advance Slides in PowerPoint 2007

Are you sick of clicking your mouse, health hitting a key, mind or pressing next on your wireless presenter?

Well in PowerPoint 2007, no rx you can set up your presentation so that each slide automatically advances after so many seconds.

To make a slide automatically advance after a certain amount of time:

1) Make sure you are looking at the slide you want to apply the timing to

2) Click on the “Animations” tab of the ribbon

3) Look for the “Advance Slide” section at the far right hand side of the ribbon

4) Check the “Automatically After:” box, and then input the number of minutes and seconds you would like the slide to be visible before advancing to the next.

If you are unhappy with automatically advancing slides, don’t worry – you can still use the mouse click to move to the next one.  And if you really hate it, you can simply uncheck the “Automatically After:” check box to stop the timed slide advance from occurring.

‘till next time!

Change the resolution of a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

Have you ever noticed that your PowerPoint Presentations are running a little sluggish?  Maybe they jump through every transition, cialis or just take a long time to load up?

There is one way to help accelerate your PowerPoint deck – and that is to lower the resolution that it displays at.

To alter the resolution that your PowerPoint presentation uses:

1) Make sure you are on the “Slide Show” tab of the ribbon

2) Look for the “Monitors” group

3) Select your preferred resolution from the “Resolution” drop down box

To put it simply, the lower the resolution, the higher the performance of your presentation will be, but at a cost of lower fidelity.  On the flip side if you want to turn up the visual quality of the presentation, and don’t mind a little performance hit, crank up the resolution to as high as your computer (or more importantly your projector) can handle.

‘till next time!