Build an organisation chart using visio 2007

Is your business going through a re-organisation?  Maybe there is a new team, ampoule or an old team has suddenly disappeared?  If so, sales it is time to update your organization chart!

So how do you create an organisation chart using Visio 2007?

1) Click on the “File” menu

2) Move your mouse over “New”, then

3) Move your mouse over “Business”, then

4) Click on “Organization Chart Wizard” (click on either Metric or US Imperial depending on where in the world you live

This starts the Visio 2007 Organization Chart Wizard.  There are a few steps to go through before you will have a compete org chart though – lets take a look!

1) If this is the first org chart you have created in Visio – make sure you select “Information that I enter using the wizard” and click “Next”

2) If you have Excel, select “Excel” and then put in the file name for where you want to store the data behind your org chart.  Click on Browse to find the folder you want to save the file in, type in the file name you want

3) Click “Next”

4) Excel will open up a workbook with some dummy data.  Using the format in the workbook, enter the data for your org chart

5) Save the excel workbook when you are done, and then close Excel.

6) On the next page of the Organization Chart Wizard, select how you would like the org chart to be formatted if you have too many people to fit on one page.  The easiest option to start with is simply let the wizard to automatically break it across pages.  Make sure that option is selected, and click “Finish”

There you have it – your brand new org chart!  The best part is that now that it is built of data stored in excel, all you need to do is update your spreadsheet, re-run the Visio 2007 Org Chart Wizard, and you will have a very fresh version of your organization chart.

‘till next time!