Clear formatting in Word 2007

Have you ever change the font size or the font type or the font colour one too many times and realised that it would be far easier just to start again?

Well instead of deleting your text and having to retype it, no rx you can use a feature of Word 2007 called “Clear Formatting”.

As the name suggests, order “Clear Formatting” will remove all the formatting you have applied to your text, and set it back to the default paragraph style.

You can find the “Clear Formatting” button on the “Home” tab of the ribbon, in the “Font” group.  Just select the text you want to clear up, and then click on the button.

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Add a nice simple background gradient to your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

Do you want a great looking presentation, salve but without all the design elements you find in the themes that come out of the box in PowerPoint 2007?

Well the simple, salve and great looking option is to use a Slide Background.  A slide background is a simple gradient that will turn any standard barebones deck into one that looks very professional.

To add a simple background to your PowerPoint 2007 presentation:

1) Click on the “Design” tab of the ribbon

2) Look for the “Background” group – on the right hand side of the ribbon

3) Click on “Background Styles”

4) Select your preferred background


You will notice that not all the colours of the rainbow are available.  Background styles are linked to the current colour palette that you have selected in the document.  If you play around with the colors by clicking on the “Colors” button whilst you are still on the “Design” tab of the ribbon, you will notice the background colour change to match the new palette.

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Reset a slide in PowerPoint 2007

Don’t you hate it when you accidently click on a text box on your slide and move it?  Before you know it, order your heading one one slide, or the body text on another is completely out of whack with the rest of your presentation.

The good news is that there is a way to reset the slide back to normal.  Funnily enough, it is called “Reset”.  The best of this feature is, that it only resets the layout of the slide – your text will remain intact!

To reset a slide in PowerPoint 2007:

1) Select the slide you want to reset

2) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab of the ribbon

3) Look for the “Slides” group, close to the left hand side of the ribbon

4) Click on the “Reset” button – the button that looks like a slide with a blue arrow pointing to the left


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Add commas to your numbers in Excel

Do you prefer to use commas when you write long numbers?  Those commas are called “Thousands Separators”, sovaldi and you can quickly add them to the cells in your Excel 2007, illness Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 spreadsheet.

To turn on the thousands separator:

1) Select the cells you want to apply the commas to

2) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab of the ribbon

3) Look for the “Number” group – in the middle of the ribbon

4) Click on the button that looks like a comma!


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Change your default reply font colour in Outlook 2007

Have you ever noticed whenever you reply to an email the font colour isn’t black, stomach but a dark blue?

Well like most things in Outlook 2007, sickness if you want you are able to change the default reply font color.

To do so:

1) Click on “Tools”

2) Click on “Options”

3) Click on the “Mail Format” tab

4) Click on “Stationery and Fonts” – about half way down the “Options” dialog box

5) About half way down the “Signatures and Stationery” dialog box that appears, you will find  a section called “Replying or forwarding messages”.  Click on the “Font” button directly below that, and then select the font colour you would like to use. 

6) Click “OK” three times to close all the boxes.


You can also change your default reply font and size using this technique

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Set a different language for text in Word 2007

Is there a section of text in your document (or your whole document!) that isn’t “English (United States)” or another language.  Well to make sure that your spelling and grammar checks in Word 2007 work well, ampoule you need to make sure that text is marked as the right language.

So how do you mark a section of text as a different language?

1) Select the text

2) Make sure you are on the “Review” tab of the ribbon

3) Look for the “Proofing” group”

4) Click “Set Language”

5) Select your preferred language

Now you can be confident that spell check is doing the right thing!

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Change the Paper Size in Word 2007

Do you want to produce a document that uses a different paper size than Letter or A4?  What about Legal, treatment A5, A3, Tabloid, Japanese Postcard or the dozens of other paper sizes available?

Well Word 2007 is very accommodating when it comes to paper size – and it is very easy to change.

1) Make sure you are on the “Page Layout” tab of the ribbon

2) Look for the “Page Setup” group

3) Click on “Size”

4) Select your preferred paper size

You can also create a custom paper size if you want – just select “More Paper Sizes…” and then “Custom”

Double Underline in Word 2007

You know there are just some times when you really need to make a point!  And using a double underline is a great way of making sure your readers know exactly what you mean!

Doing a normal, health single underline in Word 2007 is easy… but what about a double underline?  Well it is just as easy.

1) Select the text you want to double underline

2) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab of the ribbon

3) Look for the “Font” group"

4) Click on the little down arrow beside the “Underline” button – that is the one that looks like a U with a underline below it

5) Select the underline that you would like to use.

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Make your text UPPERCASE in Word 2007

Do you want to quickly change some text from lowercase to uppercase, online without having to retype it?

It is really simple in Word 2007!

1) Select the text you want to change to UPPERCASE

2) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab in the ribbon

3) Look for the “Font” group

4) Click on the “Change Case” button – which you will find directly below where you select the font size

5) From the menu that appears, discount click on “UPPERCASE”

Whilst you are there, check out some of the other case options you can have… like Sentence case, lowercase, Capitalize Each Word, and tOGGLE cASE.

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Replace fonts in PowerPoint 2007

Did you start creating a presentation in PowerPoint 2007, troche only to realise after you perfected 67 different slides that you really should have used Arial instead of Verdana?

Well there is a very quick way to replace one font with another in PowerPoint 2007.  Here is how:

1) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab of the ribbon

2) Look for the “Editing” group – which you will find on the right hand side of the ribbon

3) Click on the little arrow beside “Replace”

4) Click on “Replace Fonts…”

From the box that appears, simply select the font you want to replace, with the new font, and click “Replace”

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