Find out what a word means (or how it sounds) in Word 2013

Sick and tired or switching back and forward between your dictionary, physician thesaurus or encyclopedia when you are not quite sure what a word means when you are reading a document in Microsoft Word?  Maybe you are writing a document and you want to make sure what a word means before you publish your document?

Then the new Define tool in Word 2013 is a great tool that will help you be more accurate.

To use the Define tool:

  1. Select and highlight the word that you want to dive deeper on and get a definition of
  2. Go to the “Review” tab in the ribbon
  3. Look for the “Proofing” group on the left hand side of the ribbon
  4. Click on the “Define” button

On the right hand side of the screen you will see a new task pane appear.  This will show the definition of the word you were looking for from the Bing Dictionary.

As a bonus you can also hear how a word sounds like by clicking on the speaker beside the word in the task pane.  Perfect if you are going to talk to someone about your document in the future!

’til next time!