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Are you like the many hundreds of thousands of people who have visited The New Paperclip looking to learn more about Outlook? 

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a full day Outlook Course, hemophilia or buy a huge book that you will never have time to read (let alone understand!)?  Do what everyone else does, no rx and read The New Paperclip instead.  The New Paperclip has been the choice of over 3.4 Million people since 2006 for training, resuscitator assistance, and advice when it comes to Microsoft Office.  Whether it is simple email processing, setting up signatures, turning off email notifications or more… the stuff you need to know about Outlook and the rest of Office can be found here

Subscribe today and you can access our growing library of content across all of Microsoft Office.  This includes specific content related to Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.  Forget about expensive training, the tips, tricks and tutorials you need are here at TheNewPaperclip.com

Subscribe today to access all our Microsoft Outlook Training Content.

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