Project 2010 Tips & Tricks

Are you just starting out with Project 2010?  Maybe you are a “real-world hardened” project manager looking to create a better Work Breakdown Structure?

Microsoft have put together a great site to help you get more out of Project.  You can learn about:

  • Easier Planning with User-Controlled Scheduling
  • Enhanced Copy & Paste
  • Intuitive Access with the Ribbon
  • Add Key Milestones to the Timeline View
  • Add a New Column and Save as a Custom Table
  • Manage Resources with the Team Planner
  • Add Project Summary Tasks & Outline Numbers
  • Make Smart Scheduling Decisions with Task Inspector
  • Sync with SharePoint
  • Focus on Data with Auto Filter

You can find all those tips and tricks articles over at the Microsoft Project 2010 site, ambulance on

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