Make Easter Easier with these Microsoft Office Templates!

If you are looking to spread some Easter cheer with your family, tadalafil friends, hospital or colleagues this Easter, why not use one of these great Easter templates for Word 2007 and OneNote 2007 Office Online!

I hope you and your family have a great Easter!

‘till next time!

The New Paperclip @ Microsoft TechEd Australia 2009

If you follow @thenewpaperclip on Twitter (or @paulwoods – the guy behind The New Paperclip), ambulance you would have known that I was presenting at TechEd Australia the past week.

My session (with Microsoft Australia’s Andrew Lowson) was titled “Personal Productivity for the IT Pro” and was one of the level 100 sessions in the Office System track.

It was never meant to be a deep dive – simply a session to highlight some quick productivity wins you can get simply by getting to know the tools you already have in front of you – in this case, Microsoft Office.

The best part of the session was that about about half way through we handed it over to the audience and started crowd sourcing productivity tips.  It was obvious that there are some very smart, very passionate people out there – and plenty of knowledge was shared

For those of you who could not make it to TechEd, or are unable to access the session I delivered via your TechEd Online subscription, whilst on site at the Gold Coast Convention Centre I did record a TechTalk just for you.

Titled “The Productivity Myth”, this interview with Alistair Speirs from Microsoft Australia will give you a taste of what the session was all about.

If you want to read more about “The Productivity Myth” – check out this blog post

Looking forward to seeing you all at TechEd next year!

‘till next time!

Insert extra writing space in OneNote 2007

Do you use OneNote 2007 so much that you start to run out of space on the pages of your OneNote notebooks?

Well there is a neat little feature in OneNote 2007 which enables you to create more whitespace by pushing the content on your page out of the way.

To find it:

1) Click on “Insert”

2) At the bottom of the menu, look click on “Extra Writing Space”

3) Click on your page where you want the whitespace to start, prostate then drag to where you want it to end.

Simple as that!

‘till next time!

Change the color of a workbook in OneNote 2007

If you are a keen user of OneNote 2007, sovaldi sale you by now will have 3, malady 4, clinic 5, 10, 20 or more workbooks.  One way that you can differentiate between those different workbooks is the colour that each one has.

That’s right!  Did you notice that each workbook icon is in fact a different colour? 

Well like most things in Office 2007, it is really easy to change those workbook colours.  Maybe you want to do it so one or two key workbooks stand out… maybe you just want to show some of your personality.  Either way, this is how you go about it!

1) Right click on the OneNote 2007 Workbook

2) Select “Properties…”

3) Select your favourite color from the colour palate.

4) Click “OK”


‘till next time!

Add ruled lines to pages in OneNote 2007

If you are anything like me, help your handwriting is very very bad!  In fact, if you are really like me you need all the help you can get to ensure that your handwriting is legible!

Well if you are using your pen or stylus in OneNote 2007 to take notes, there is an option to help you at least write straight lines!  They are called Rule Lines, and are really easy to add to pages in your OneNote 2007 Notebooks.  Here is how…

1) Open up your notebook, and go to the page you want to add Rule Lines to

2) Click on “Format” in the menu

3) Click on “Rule Lines”

4) Select your preferred rule line option


There are a number of different line rules you can use to ensure you can get the most out of your OneNote 2007 notebook.  They are:

  • Narrow Ruled
  • College Ruled
  • Standard Ruled
  • Wide Ruled
  • Small Grid
  • Medium Grid
  • Large Grid
  • Very Large Grid

That’s right – you might have noticed that there is also a grid rule you can use, just like that graphing paper we had to use back in school!  Ahh the memories!

‘till next time!

Insert details from Outlook 2007 meetings into your OneNote 2007 Notebook

Are you keeping your meeting minutes in OneNote 2007?  Well it would be a great idea to put all the details of the meeting at the top of your OneNote 2007 page right?

Well you can stop opening up Outlook, tadalafil double clicking on the meeting, see copying the details, clinic opening up OneNote, finding the right Notebook and the right page… and then paste (what a relief!)

So how can you save all that pain?

1) Make sure you have Outlook 2007 open!

2) Open up OneNote 2007 and find the page you want to work on

3) Click on the “Insert Menu”

4) Click on “Insert Outlook Meeting Details”

5) Select the Meeting you want to insert

6) Click “Insert Details”


This inserts a great summary of the meeting into your OneNote 2007 Notebook, including the name of the meeting, the Date and Location, the Attendees, and any of the details you included in the original meeting request.

What a great time saver!

‘till next time!

All the top Office 2007 Resources…

So are you comfortable with the basics of Office 2007, ambulance and want to go a little deeper?  Maybe you want to build your knowledge around one particular product?  Maybe you just want something interesting to read!

If you are into Office 2007, unhealthy you might not know it, here but The New Paperclip is not your only option (if you thought it was, I am very flattered though!).  There are plenty of quality resources out there that you can leverage to make you far more productive using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook or the rest of the suite.

Here are a few places you should look…

Number 1: Alltop’s Top Microsoft Office News – []

This is a great resource if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of everything happening with Microsoft Office.  This one page displays all the news from 30 or so of the web’s leading Microsoft Office sites, which means you can quickly get up to speed on exactly what the ‘blogosphere’ is thinking about when it comes to Office.

You can also read the latest AllTop Microsoft Office news simply by watching out for the AllTop section to the right of this article – it gets updated every hour!

Number 2: Inside Office Online – []

This blog is run by the folks who run Microsoft’s own Office help site – Office Online.  Great to get their perspective on what new and exciting things are happening in the world of Microsoft Office.

Number 3: The blogs of all the Office teams at Microsoft

There is nothing better than getting it from the horse’s mouth right!  These blogs are run by the folk who actually build the products in Office, so they are filled with interesting stories, tips, and tricks that will help you become more productive with Office 2007


There are literally hundreds of other resources out there that you could find, and the ones I have listed in this article would be a great place to start… well, of course after you have read all the articles on The New Paperclip!

‘till next time!

Office 2007 Forum – get your Office 2007 question answered!

They have been closed for a while now, drugs but today I am re-launching The New Paperclip’s Office 2007 Forums!

What does that mean?  If you have any question at all about Office 2007, whether it is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access or even SharePoint Designer… you now have a place where you can look for answers.

I will be there frequently, and we will be able to draw on the collective knowledge of the community to get your question answered!

Here are the links to each of the forums:



So there you have it – the quick and easy way to get your Office 2007 question answered!  See you on the forums!

‘till next time!

Page Templates in OneNote 2007

So you have been using OneNote for a while, help and have an appreciation for what a fantastic productivity tool it is.  Well are you ready to get even more out of OneNote 2007?

Did you know that OneNote 2007 is jam packed with templates that can make your life much easier.  Now I will be the first to admit that some are there just to look pretty (like all the different coloured backgrounds you can have… “Red Chalk” anyone?), but there are plenty that have real business (and students, academic) value and should be checked out.  For example:

Academic Templates for OneNote 2007

  • Simple Lecture Notes
  • Detailed Lecture Notes
  • Lecture Notes and Study Questions
  • Math/Science Class Notes
  • History Class Notes

Business Templates for OneNote 2007

  • Project Overview
  • Simple Meeting Notes 1 (and 2)
  • Informal Meeting Notes
  • Personal Meeting Notes
  • Detailed Meeting Notes
  • Formal Meeting Notes

Planning Templates for OneNote 2007

  • Simple To Do List
  • Prioritised To Do List
  • Project To Do List

So how do you get your hands on these templates?  Lucky for you they are already loaded in OneNote 2007 for you.  To access them, simply:

1) Click “File”

2) Move your mouse over “New”

3) Click on “Page from Template…”

4) Look to the right and select the page template you want.


Looking for more OneNote 2007 Templates?

The fantastic thing is that you can also get more page templates for OneNote 2007 from Office Online.  So if you are after a calendar, more planning, reporting or meeting templates – even address books!, you can find them all there – simply click the link on the Templates Taskbar in OneNote 2007, or visit Office Online.

‘till next time!

Capture part of your screen in OneNote 2007

Are you writing a training document and need to capture a screenshot, ambulance or a snapshot of part of your screen?  Maybe you want to keep a record of an image and text you found in a document or a web page?  Or maybe you just want to keep something funny you saw on the internet?  Well did you know you can quickly and easily take a screen grab with OneNote 2007.

It is really easy!

1) Open up OneNote 2007

2) Look at the toolbar along the top of the window and you will find a “Clip” button.   Click on that.

3) Using the Black Cross that appears on the screen, find simply click and drag the section of the screen that you want to capture.

4) Your screen clipping will now appear in OneNote!

How easy is that!

‘till next time!