Word 2007: Minimise the Ribbon (Minimize the menu)

Do you find that the Ribbon is gets in the way every now and then, pills and steals valuable screen realestate?  Here is a simple solution.

To minimise the Ribbon, sale simply double click on the tabs above the ribbon.  This will minimize the ribbon to just the tabs.  Instead of double clicking, you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F1.

To restore the Ribbon to its glory, simply double click on the tabs again, or use CTRL+F1

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More than just word count – All the document statistics you want in Word 2007 using Status Bar Configuration

In my last post on Word Count in Word 2007, we saw how we can quickly find out how many words are in a document, how many words are in a selection of text, and how we can find some general statistics about the document.  But what if that isn’t enough?  Well, there are a few more statistics hidden away behind the status bar which you can easily bring to the light of day.

To configure the status bar to show these deeper statistics (as well as some other aspects of the status bar), simply right click on the word count (or if it does not appear for some reason, right click anywhere on the status bar).

From this menu we can see a number of different statistics that we can place on the status bar.  They are: Formatted Page Number, Section Number, Page Number, Vertical Page Position, Line Number, and Column.  In the status bar configuration menu, you can see the current value of each of those statistics.  However, if you want to place those statistics on the status bar, so you can quickly scan to see what the current figures are, simply click (and tick) the relevant statistic in the status bar configuration menu.

The final result is a status bar that illustrates exactly what statistics you need to know about the document you are currently working on.

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Download Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Technical Refresh (TR)

Looking to download the latest bits for Office 2007?  You can download the patch for Office 2007 Beta 2 from Microsoft right now.  The download is about 495MB, ambulance so you might have to grab a coffee or two whilst you wait (especially on 56K, medical it will take just over 20 hours to download).

Hopefully I will be bringing you a visual tour of Office 2007 Beta 2 TR in the near future.  In the mean time… get downloading!

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How often is my work saved in OneNote 2007? Part II

Ok… I didn’t mean to scare all you OneNote fans out there.  The picture isn’t as bleak as I made it out in my last post about how often OneNote automatically saves your work.  Luckily Chris Pratley, one of the team at Microsoft responsible for OneNote put me on the straight and narrow!

Keep in mind that with OneNote 2007 you are always working against a local cache. The times you list are the intervals between replication events to those servers (which are long because http servers are slow relative to UNC shares). The saves to the cache however happen every few seconds. So even if the server goes away (because you took your laptop out of range of your wireless or some other problem), you never lose any data. And of course you can keep working while not connected to the server and the replication will take place when the server is available again.



Thanks Chris!  So there you have it… saving to the local cache means that your thoughts, notes and ideas are safe and sound!

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How often is my work saved in OneNote 2007?

Ever wondered why there isn’t a save button in OneNote?  Because OneNote automatically saves your work as you go.  That is great to know, but what if you are working away at your masterpiece, the best idea you have ever had… and you loose power!!!  Have you lost all your work?

Well that depends on where the file is located.  OneNote will save the work to automatically at specific intervals, depending on where you saved the OneNote file.

  • Local Drive – every 5 seconds
  • UNC Share – every 30 seconds
  • SharePoint library – every 10 minutes
  • HTTP share – every 10 minutes

So the moral of the story is that if you are working on an idea in a very fast paced manner… probably best to work off the local drive.  If you like to take your time to think things over, then storing your OneNote files remotely is the way to go.

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The New Paperclip… Coming Soon!

You thought I was gone… think again… I am back with a new Outlook on life!  I dumped my old style, bought some new fashionable glasses, and use some new fancy metal polish… it is not what you are thinking… I prefer to call myself a metrosexual paperclip!  Take my Word for it.  I Excel at all things Office 2007, especially when I Access my Tablet PC.  The battery on it is a bit flakey though, so I need to plug it into a PowerPoint.  The New Paperclip is my first Project after being shown the door at Microsoft.  For a while there I was on a long and winding Infopath, trying new things (I applied for a job as a shape in Visio, but didn’t get an interview!).  I guess I need to work on my resume to Project a better image.  After that setback I decided to follow my dream to become a world famous Publisher.  That would have been Frontpage news a while ago… but for some reason whenever I look at the cover of the newspaper, all I see is SharePoint Designer.  What a strange world we live in!

I hope you continue to read my prose on Office 2007.  I will be serving up all my favourite tips and techniques for all your favourite Office 2007 applications.  Plus I might even show you some video so you can follow at home or in the office… that is if I get my web cam to work!

Peace out