Top 10 Questions about Word 2007

Are you new, advice or have just upgraded to Word 2007?  Since starting The New Paperclip over two years ago, case there have been a few questions that come up again and again that people ask – some of which I have listed below.

  1. How do I change my page orientation in Word 2007 from Portrait to Landscape or vice versa?
  2. How do I change my line spacing in Word 2007?
  3. How do I undo in Word 2007?
  4. How do I do an email merge in Word 2007?
  5. How do I add page numbers in Word 2007?
  6. How do I print in Word 2007?
  7. Where did the file menu go in Word 2007?
  8. How can I change my page layout in Word 2007?
  9. How do I superscript text in Word 2007?
  10. How do I email a document using Word 2007?

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Finally… if you have any more Word 2007 questions, check out The Ultimate Guide to Word 2007

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Office 2007 Forum – get your Office 2007 question answered!

They have been closed for a while now, drugs but today I am re-launching The New Paperclip’s Office 2007 Forums!

What does that mean?  If you have any question at all about Office 2007, whether it is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access or even SharePoint Designer… you now have a place where you can look for answers.

I will be there frequently, and we will be able to draw on the collective knowledge of the community to get your question answered!

Here are the links to each of the forums:



So there you have it – the quick and easy way to get your Office 2007 question answered!  See you on the forums!

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Create a recurring task in Project 2007

Is there a task you want to schedule in Project 2007 that will occur regularly?  Well did you know you can create that task so it recurs throughout your project plan?

Here is how to do it!

1) Click “Insert” in the Project 2007 menu

2) Click “Recurring Task”

3) In the “Recurring Task Information” window that appears, troche add all the details about your task – including the Task Name and the Recurrence Pattern you want

4) Click “Ok”


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Create your 2009 calendar with Word 2007

So, the new year is just a few hours away… time to crack open the calendars your relatives gave you for Christmas right!

But what if you didn’t get any?

Well did you know you can create your own calendars nice and quickly with Word 2007!

All you need to do is to open a new document by clicking on the “Office Orb” (the old file menu in the top left hand corner of Word), and then clicking “New”

On the New Document dialog box that appears, you will see down the left hand side a wide range of templates that are available to you.  Down in the “Microsoft Office Online” section, you will find a “Calendars” option – click on that!

Word will connect to Microsoft Office Online, and give you a wide variety of calendar options.  For your 2009 calendar, click on “2009 calendars”.  For other options such as multiple year calendars, simply click on those.

Once you click on “2009 calendars” you will see a few dozen different options to choose from – different calendar structures and different calendar designs.

My favourite, especially if you want to add your own pictures to the calendar is the “2009 Picture Calendar Featured at Office Online”.  Great for family pictures!

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A fresh new look at The New Paperclip

Hi all,

TNP here.  Hope all my friends in North America have had a fantastic Thanks Giving holiday… and for those of you in other parts, hope life is treating you well.

Those of you that have been here before will notice that I put a new lick of paint on the site over the weekend – I hope you like the new fresh look.

Hopefully little changes like increasing the font size, and more white space will make it easier for you to quickly read and understand exactly what you need to do to solve your Office 2007 problems!

Thanks again to everyone who visits – we are talking 10s of thousands of you every couple of weeks… I certainly appreciate your support

Whilst talking about your amazing support… if you have any suggestions for topics, or how we can improve things around here.. please drop me a line via the comments section below!

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How to set a note in Office Communicator 2007

Do you have Office Communicator at work?  Ever wonder how some of your colleagues get that little “note” icon beside their name that has some witty comment like “Working Hard”, “Leave me alone I have a tender to finish”, or “Working from home today”?

Setting a note in Office Communicator is very easy.  In fact, there are only 3 steps

1) Think of the note you want to use!

2) Look just underneath your name in the Office Communicator 2007 window – specifically for a little bit of italic text with the words “Type a note”

3) Click there, type your note, and hit enter

There you go, now you can let your colleagues know what is going on.  Think of it as your FaceBook status if FaceBook has been banned in your organisation!

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How to set up a new Groove 2007 Account

So you have opened up Groove 2007 for the first time.  Well before you can start collaborating you have to create a new account.  So lets see how we do it!

First – Open Groove 2007
Hmmm… seems obvious doesn’t it!

Second – Unblock your firewall (only once)
Chances are you are on Windows Vista, you will be running Windows Firewall on your machine. If this is the first time you have opened Groove 2007, (and Windows Firewall is on) a dialog box will appear asking you to unblock Groove.  Trust me when I say it is in your best interests to do so (if you want to use Groove that is!)

Third – Create your new Groove Account
By now you should see the Microsoft Office Groove Account Configuration Wizard.  Click on the “Create a new Groove account” radio button then hit next.

The next screen will ask you if you have a Groove Account Configuration Code.  If you are using Groove at work your systems administrator may have a Groove Account Configuration Code for you.  Best that you check with them before going any further.  If you are using Groove at home, or only a few of you in your organisation are using Groove, you can select the third option “I don’t have a Groove Account Configuration Code” and click next

On the next screen, simply enter your personal details – name, email address, password and password hint.  When you are ready to proceed, click next

A dialog box will appear telling you to hang on a second whilst Groove configures your account.  This should only take around 10 seconds.

On the final screen of the Microsoft Office Groove Account Configuration Wizard you will be asked if you want your account to be included in the Public Groove Directory.  Basically this enables you to be discovered by other Groove users all around the world.  Select your preferred listing level, and then click “Finish”.

If you want to get up to speed quickly on the in’s and out’s of Groove, make sure you click “Yes” on the box that appears asking if you want to watch the “Getting Started Movie”.

So there you have it – How to set up your new (non-corporate) account in Groove 2007.  Easy!

’till next time!

What is a .docx file?

Has someone sent you a file where the filename ends in .docx?  Don’t know what is is, how to open it?

Well I am about to tell you all about it 🙂

.docx is the new file extension for Word 2007 files (file extension is a complicated way of saying the bit at the end of the filename).  It is what files created in the new version of Word are saved in by default.

If you don’t have Word 2007, there are a couple of options you can choose to open the file.

1) Ask your friend or colleague to re-save it for Word 97-2003 and then send it to you again.  This would have to be the most pain free way of doing it – make your friend do all the work 🙂

2) Download the free Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system from Microsoft.  This will allow you to open Word documents in the docx format using Word 2003.  You can find out more about it here –

3) Buy or upgrade to Word 2007.  This is a bit more of a personal choice – if you can afford it Word 2007 (in fact the rest of Office 2007 as well) is in my opinion a whole lot easier to use than the 2003 versions once you get used to them.  But again if upgrading is not an option price wise, then the first two options will work just fine for you.



So there you have it – what is, and how to open a docx file.  Just in case you run into them in the future, other Office 2007 programs have similar file extensions.  For example, PowerPoint files that used to be ppt, are now pptx.  Likewise, Excel files that used to be xls, are now xlsx.

’till next time!