Two recent Office 2007 presentations…

So if you have been reading The New Paperclip for a while, you will know that the guy behind The New Paperclip is Paul Woods. Recently he delivered two presentations at two separate events – Microsoft’s TechEd Australia Conference, and the community driven OfficeDevCon09. Here are the two presentations available on Slideshare…

I hope you enjoy!

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It’s Time to Celebrate – Win a copy of 2007 Microsoft Office System Inside Out

Do you want to win a copy of “2007 Microsoft Office System Inside Out” by John Pierce – valued at $USD 49.99?  If so… read on…


This month is a great one here at The New Paperclip, hospital for a number of reasons:

  1. The first month where I have had over 50 000 unique visitors, discount who just like you are trying to solve their Office 2007 (and now Office 2010) challenges;
  2. I delivered a session at OfficeDevCon09 where there wasn’t a single spare seat in the room; and just today…
  3. I have launched a Facebook Fan page, so you can keep up to date with all the tips, tricks and tutorials from!

So to celebrate all these good things, I am giving away a great resource – almost 1300 pages of everything you would ever want to know about Microsoft Office 2007.

So what do you need to do to be in the draw to win?

Before 15 December 2009 – simply do the following:

  • Become a Fan of The New Paperclip on Facebook, and
  • Post on the wall of the fan page the one thing you would love to know how to do, or problem you would love to solve in Office 2007.

I will pick a winner at random from all the wall posts, and let you all know here, and on the Facebook Fan page who the winner is.

That is all there is to it – just become a fan of The New Paperclip today, and let me know what Office 2007 problems you would like me to help you with – and you could win!  GOOD LUCK!

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PS… whilst we are at it, if you are on twitter and not following @thenewpaperclip… why not?

Create a resume using Word 2007 templates

So you might be unlucky enough to be looking for a new job, there or maybe you are just sick of your current job and need a change!  Whatever your situation, there is one sure thing that you will need to think about – your resume/cv!

Creating your resume or curriculum vitae in Word 2007 is not as hard as you think.  There are literally dozens of very good looking templates you can use which take all the hard work out of creating your latest and greatest resume.

So how do you access the Resume Templates in Word 2007?

  1. Click on the office Orb in the top left hand corner
  2. Click on "New"
  3. In the "New Document" window that appears, look to the left and you will see a big long list of templates to choose from.  Scroll down and click "Resumes and CVs"
  4. Click on the type of resume you are after – Basic, Job Specific, or Situation Specific
  5. Select the one you want to use, and then click "Download"

And then start customising your resume with your own information! 

Note, for this to work you will need to be connected to the internet as the templates are actually stored on Microsoft Office Online.

‘till next time!

The New Paperclip recognised with a Microsoft MVP Award

Hi there, ambulance

Just thought I would share with you some fantastic news I received the other day.  Paul Woods – the guy who created / is The New Paperclip was recognised by Microsoft for technical leadership with a Most Valuable Professional award.

Specifically it was an award in the Business Productivity / Word category

So what is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award?

From the MVP website:

“Microsoft is pleased to recognize and award its Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). We present the MVP Award to thank individuals for their exceptional contributions to technical communities worldwide. When a community participant sees an MVP in a technical community, pharmacy whether in a newsgroup, decease as a user group host, a conference speaker, or a respondent in forums, that community participant can be confident that the information shared by the MVP will be of the highest caliber and will help every user make the most of the technology.”

Pretty neat huh! 

So what does it mean for The New Paperclip?  More great tips and tricks for Office 2007, and soon Office 2010!

‘till next time!

Word 2007 Tutorials

I thought I would spend some time today checking out some of the other Office 2007 help/tutorial sites out there.  There are quit a few good ones, view and in the interest of helping you get the most out of your Word 2007 experience, ambulance I thought I will publish a list of my favorite ones!

Now of course, you will find the best Word 2007 tutorials (if I do say so myself) here at… but if you want a bit of variety… check out a few of these guys!

Microsoft Office Online – Word 2007 Courses (

There are 27 courses here, each ranging from 20-50 minutes on a wide range of Word 2007 topics.  And this is straight from the horses mouth at Microsoft!

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial – Free & Online (

Full of practical exercises, this beginners tutorial is broken into five lessons so you can learn at your own pace!

Microsoft Word 2007 In Pictures (

This is a great visual tutorial that explains exactly how to get up to speed with the basics in Word 2007 – highly recommended!

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials (

Fairly comprehensive list of topics covering most of what you would want to know about Word 2007.

So there you have it – a quick selection of some of the best Word 2007 tutorials out there. 

And remember, if you want Word 2007 tips delivered to your inbox regularly, make sure you subscribe to the Office 2007 newsletter!

‘till next time!

Check your Spelling in Excel

Are you a hardcore spreadsheet king?  The number cruncher?  On the Accounting A-team?

Then chances are… your spelling is… well… not very good at all!

Luckily Excel 2007, ed Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 all have a spell checking feature that will stop people from noticing your spelling mistakes!

1) Click on the “Review” tab in the Ribbon

2) Click on “Spelling”

or alternatively just use the “F7” keyboard shortcut!

‘till next time!

Check Spelling in Project 2007

Have you spent hours working on the perfect project plan, buy cialis with literally hundreds, drugs if not thousands of tasks!  Chances are you might have mistyped a few things.

Luckily Project 2007 has the same great spell checking ability you will find in other Microsoft Office products.

To spell check your Project in Project 2007

1) Click on “Tools”

2) Click “Spelling”

or… just use the “F7” key on your keyboard!


‘till next time!

Quickly find a phone number with Office Communicator 2007

Do you need to find a phone number of one of your colleagues?  Well if you have Office Communicator 2007 you can quickly look up their digits.

1) Find the person in your contact list, advice or using the Search feature

2) Look for the phone beside their name

3) Hover your mouse over the phone, and click on the little arrow that appears

4) You will find the phone number on the fly-out menu


‘till next time!

Insert a column in Excel 2007

Have you been working on a spreadsheet, sale but then suddenly realised that you need to add another column?

Well there are a couple of ways to add a column to your spreadsheet in Excel 2007.

The long way

1) Select the cell that is to the right of where you want the new column to appear

2) Look at the ribbon, nurse and make sure you are on the “Home” tab

3) Look to the right, pill and you will see the “Cells” group

4) Click on “Insert”, and then select “Insert Sheet Columns”


The short way

1) Right click on the top of the column (the letter) that is to the right of where you want the new column to appear

2) Click “Insert” from the menu that appears


If you want to add two or more columns, you can use one of the methods above, and simply use the “Redo” command to keep inserting new columns – either use the button in the top left hand corner (in the Quick Access Toolbar), or simply use the shortcut – CTRL+Y

‘till next time!

The New Paperclip recognised as the best by!

Hi everyone!

I am very proud to announce that today The New Paperclip was listed on Alltop.

Alltop is best described as an online magazine rack that helps you keep up to date with all the top news from around the world.  The New Paperclip is now featured in the Top Microsoft Office News section!

It wouldn’t have happened without all your support, tadalafil so a big thank you to everyone in the “The New Paperclip” community!

In the spirit of community, here are a few links to a few of the top articles being featured right now in the Microsoft Office section of Alltop!

‘till next time!