You thought I was gone… think again… I am back with a new Outlook on life!  I dumped my old style, bought some new fashionable glasses, and use some new fancy metal polish… it is not what you are thinking… I prefer to call myself a metrosexual paperclip!  Take my Word for it.  I Excel at all things Office 2007, especially when I Access my Tablet PC.  The battery on it is a bit flakey though, so I need to plug it into a PowerPoint.  The New Paperclip is my first Project after being shown the door at Microsoft.  For a while there I was on a long and winding Infopath, trying new things (I applied for a job as a shape in Visio, but didn’t get an interview!).  I guess I need to work on my resume to Project a better image.  After that setback I decided to follow my dream to become a world famous Publisher.  That would have been Frontpage news a while ago… but for some reason whenever I look at the cover of the newspaper, all I see is SharePoint Designer.  What a strange world we live in!

I hope you continue to read my prose on Office 2007, 2010 and 2013.  I will be serving up all my favourite tips and techniques for all your favourite Office applications.  Plus I might even show you some video so you can follow at home or in the office… that is if I get my web cam to work!

Peace out

TNP :)


Some Legal Mumbo Jumbo

This is just to set the record straight that I am my own man now, and ‘The New Paperclip’ website and I have nothing to do with Microsoft.  I am just a paperclip Microsoft fan boi!  Of course all of Microsoft’s trademarks etc belong to them and not me.  And finally… no warranties or other guarantees will be offered as to the quality of the opinions or anything else offered here.

Who is behind TheNewPaperclip.com?

Every paperclip needs his manager right?  My good friend Paul Woods helps me put together these tips, tricks and tutorials.  He is a Marketer from Brisbane Australia, who used to work for Microsoft, but now works for a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner… Data#3.  Writing Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 ariticles for TheNewPaperclip.com is just one of his many hobbies that keeps him off the streets.

His work on TheNewPaperclip.com has helped Paul receive Microsoft’s coveted Most Valuable Professional award five years in a row.  Since starting this site in August 2006, Over 3.4 Million people from around the world have used content from TheNewPaperclip.com to reduce their personal frustrations with Microsoft Office, and ultimately improve their productivity

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  1. I want my paperclip dude for Word 2007. What in the world? Do they think we are going to read and research without animation? Come on, our children won’t do it….

    This is not fun….!!!

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