Prime Contractor Agreement Template Alberta

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The subcontractor understands that by signing this agreement, it appoints first as the exclusive representative for the customers to whom the subcontractor is presented and/or assigned to prime`s subcontractor with respect to the purpose of the preservation of the subcontractor by Prime. The subcontractor accepts that the relationship between the subcontractors and these customers begins to be disclosed for the first time by Prime for the purposes of this agreement and that this contract or such mission is terminated under this agreement. For the duration of this agreement and for [NUMBER] months after the end of this agreement The subcontractor may not apply, accept or accept a business or advise, directly or indirectly, as an organization, as an individual, employee or member of a partnership or employee, public servant, director or shareholder of a company or in any other capacity, a direct competitor of Prime to those customers, or the staff of a client to whom the subcontractor was introduced under this agreement. In addition, the subcontractor may not directly or indirectly use the knowledge of prime activity acquired by the subcontractor during the duration of this agreement, or make available to an individual, a company or a company. The assignment. The subcontractor does not cede any rights to the agreement or any decision entrusted to it, and no assignment is binding without Prime`s prior written consent. Subject to the above, this agreement binds the heirs, executors, successors and beneficiaries of the transfers of the contracting parties. “delivery elements,” items, products and materials made available by the subcontractor in accordance with a mission mandate. This contract can also be adapted so that the owner retains full ownership of the intellectual property, while granting the company the license to use the material. The effect on the classification of workers as self-employed contractors may include: unless otherwise reported, as stipulated in the contract, the duration of this subcontract begins on the effective date and ends [number] year after it.

If, during the duration of the agreement, which provides for the conclusion after the end date of the agreement, a mission decision is approved, the mission is further interpreted as a written amendment to that agreement, extending the end date of the agreement to the closing date of the mission order. taxes. Premium pays or reimburses the subcontractor VAT, GST, HST, sale and use or similar transaction taxes levied on services and/or items of supplies sold to Prime as part of a mission, provided that these taxes are collected either jointly or repeatedly on Prime.

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