How Did The Atlanta Agreement Come About

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The Atlanta agreement is an agreement between the [International Labour Atlanta, USA. Its aim was to combat high rates of child labour in the Pakistani football industry. One of the parties involved in the agreement was Talon Sports. Talon is the employer of the majority of notebooks in Sialkot. The agreement meant that, in the end, the company employed 44,000 people on centralized sites. The company now produces 35 million footballs a year. Adidas was one of the major brands that agreed to buy only footballs from manufacturers that were doing well with the agreement. Although World Cup balls are no longer manufactured in Pakistan, Adidas buys a few hand-stitched balls from Sialkot. There are 5 other brands participating in the agreement. 5% of the footballs sold in the West are fair trade football matches. The main charities that initially participated in the agreement were IPEC, UNICEF and CSIC. Since its inception, the agreement has been supported by Save The Children. The main positive outcome of the agreement was the great reduction in child labour.

However, some families feel worse now because they do not receive income from their children and often one of their parents has to stay at home and take care of the children because they still do not receive an education. As a result, workplace conditions have improved significantly due to centralized facilities, as health and safety have been monitored. Rising book wages have also helped raise living standards. The participation of the Industry Council of America (SICA) would also help solve this problem. The Council donated $100,000 in the 24 months following the agreement. This money is intended to set up a social protection programme for workers. This would help to maintain improved conditions among workers of all children. Supporters in Atlanta say the main advantage of the program will be to serve as a “gateway” to improve conditions in less reputable and more dangerous industries throughout Pakistan.

It is a step in time to extend surveillance to all areas of Sialkot. The ILO also wants sewing centres to introduce a minimum wage and amenities such as toilets. Large companies, many of which have already modernized their facilities, will welcome higher standards. Tougher companies will resist. Like football itself, getting rid of child labour is not a win-win game. Atlanta – This article deals with the city in the state of Georgia. For more use, visit Atlanta (Disambiguation). Atlanta… Wikipedia This has meant changes that far exceed the replacement of small hands with large ones, and not all for the better.

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