Add, subtract or average time in Excel

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If you are like me and you want to do some kind of calculation or duration in hours, audiologist minutes and seconds – I am sure you have been very frustrated with Excel totally ignoring what you want to achieve! Well did you know that it isn’t as hard as Excel makes it out to be! You can very quickly do calculations like adding two times together, medicine subtracting times from each other, more about or seeing what the average time is of a range. They key is to ensure that your cells or formatted correctly first. Here is how you do it!

  1. Select the cells that you want to add your times to
  2. Right click, and then select “format cells” from the menu that appears
  3. In the “format cells” dialog box that appears, make sure you are on the “Number” tab
  4. In the category box, select “custom”
  5. Look for a Type in the list which looks like [h]:mm:ss and select it
  6. Click Ok

Now that your numbers are formatted correctly as times, you can start doing your calculations. Simply add, subtract or average like you normally would in excel using formulas like =SUM(), and =AVERAGE()

’till next time!

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