Select difficult to get to objects in Word using the Selection Pane

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Have you ever worked on a document with a lot of shapes, buy diagrams, pictures or text boxes?  Don’t you hate it when they overlap or are on top of each other and it is near on impossible to select the right object!  You may be like me and move the objects on top to get to the ones below … but did you know that there is an easier, much better way?  There is – using the Selection Pane.

The selection pane enables you to select the object by its name, irrespective of where the object is in your document.   Not only that, you can make an object invisible for a short amount of time so you can see everything else underneath it!

To turn on the selection pane in Word:

  1. On the “Home” tab, look for  the “Editing” group on the right hand side of the screen
  2. Click on the little arrow beside “Select”
  3. Select “Selection Pane”

The selection pane will appear as a task pane on the right hand side of your Word screen.  To select an object in your document, simply click on the name of the one you are after.  You can make an object invisible by simply clicking on the “eye”.  To bring it back, click on the “closed eye”.

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