Calculate the number of work days between two dates in Excel

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Ever wondered how many work days there are between two dates?  Maybe you are counting down the number of days you have left in the office before your big holiday?  Maybe you just need to know how many days you have until that project is due?  Whatever the reason, viagra here using Excel you can calculate the number of business days between two dates.

To do so, there we will use the NETWORKDAYS formula.

  1. Type the two dates you want to calculate the number of days betwen into Excel – in one cell type the date you want to calculate from, and the other cell the date you want to calculate to
  2. In another cell, type =NETWORKDAYS(
  3. Select the first cell – if you typed the first date in A1 the formula will now look like =NETWORKDAYS(A1
  4. type a comma
  5. Select the second cell – if you typed the second date in B1 the formular will now look like =NEWWORKDAYS(A1,B1
  6. Type the closing bracket to complete the formula – it will now look like =NETWORKDAYS(A1,B1)
  7. Hit enter!

There you have it, the number of days you need to wait until you go away, or the number of days to countdown until that deadline!

’till next time!

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