Add a signature to your email in Outlook 2013

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So you (or your IT people) have just installed Outlook 2013 at work and you need to set up your email signature?  Well it is pretty easy, ampoule just follow these steps…

  1. Click on “file”
  2. Click on “options”
  3. In the left hand column of the “Outlook options” dialog box, life click on “Mail”
  4. Click on the “Signatures…” button which is the third one down on the right hand side – this will open the “Signatures and Stationery” dialog box
  5. Click “New” to create your new signature.  You can either copy and paste your old signature from a previous email you have sent, condom or create a new one from scratch.
  6. Once you are happy with your signature, click “Save”

Did you know that you can also tell outlook whether to include your signature or not on new messages, replies and forwards?  Just set your default signature from the drop down boxes on the right hand side of the “Signatures and Stationery” box.

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