Stop an email address appearing when typing in the to: field in Outlook 2010

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Don’t you hate when you are typing an email address into an email you are sending, and you accidently add the wrong one!  Maybe there are two people you have emailed before.  Both with the same first name, and similar surnames.  But one is your boss, and the other is your best friend. 

You don’t want to accidently send your boss those pictures from the weekend right!!??!?!?!

That feature, where the names automatically pop us is called “Auto Complete”.  It is a handy feature if you email people regularly, but can cause you problems if you are not careful.

So – if you want to delete a name form your Auto Complete list in Outlook 2010… what do you do?


Just start typing their name in.  When it appears in the auto complete list, simply look to the right of their name.  You should see a cross or a check – ie a delete button.  Just click on that, and that name and email address is removed from your auto complete list.


‘till next time!

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