Office 365 is almost here

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Ok… so being The New Paperclip you know I love everything Office. Well my old friends at Microsoft are just about to launch something new. It is a little different to the Office that you are used to though. But don’t worry, pharm it is a good thing!!

They call it Office 365.

So what is Office 365? Well if you run a small business, approved or are a manager at a larger one, you might be interested. Office 365 gives your business:

  • Email & Calendar functionality so you can manage your day
  • Office Web Apps, so you can view and edit your documents, spread sheets and presentations from any computer with an internet browser
  • A website for your business
  • The ability to instant message, video conference and set up professional online meetings

All of that out of something Microsoft calls “The Cloud” – that is just a fancy way of saying you don’t need to run your own servers if you don’t want to – Microsoft will do it for you.

The other exciting part is that instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars up front for the above, you get to pay per user per month. Depending on which Office 365 version you sign up for… you can also get a subscription based version Office 2010 on your desktop as well, without having to pay up front!

If any of the above sounds like it would help your business, you should check out Office 365 at

In the mean time, here at we are broadening our content – we are now publishing tips and tricks and other articles that will give you all the Office 365 Help you need. You will see more and more of that content appear over the next few weeks and months.

’till next time!

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