Create your 2011 Calendar in Word 2010

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A quick post for all you guys out there that have to manage Office 2010 deployments in a business.  Microsoft have made available a great resource that outlines all the different Group Policy settings for Office 2010 – a must have resource if you want to manage your Office 2010 deployment well.

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‘till next time!

Well it is New Years Day in most of the world – Welcome to 2011!!!

So with that in mind lets figure out how to create a 2011 Calendar using Word 2010.  Creating a personalised calendar – whether a simple month view or something a bit more complicated which you can record appointments, mind see the lunar phases, try
or public holidays – is an absolute breeze.

Here is how to create a 2011 Calendar in Word 2010:

  1. Go to the File menu, pills and click New
  2. Look at the Templates section.  If you are connected to the internet you will see a folder called “Calendars”.  Click on it!
  3. Click on “2011 Calendars”
  4. Select your preferred style from the library of calendar templates.


Simple as that – now you can go ahead and personalize the calendar to suit your needs, save it, print it out, and be more organised in 2011!

‘till next time!


5 thoughts on “Create your 2011 Calendar in Word 2010

  1. after buying such great office companion i was looking for such tutorials which are very helpful and easy to use. using it was really cool and making it work like smart office not only office 2007.

  2. This is fine except there is no instructions on how to add months to a calendar. I choose an academic year 2011-2012 calendar and it only gives me one month

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  4. ick. where is a nice, simple, 2012 BASIC grid calendar? blech on all that graphic & whatnot – ‘s’ok – IF i could get a GOLL DARN BASIC calendar page. and EVEN BETTER, i would LOVE a 2month per 8 1/2 X 11 page. I swear it’s been accomplished before… hmmmmmm.

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