Change the auto-save time for draft emails in Outlook 2007

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Did you know that Outlook 2007 saves drafts of your emails as you type them?  This is great if you accidentally close the email window before sending, or start an email and then the power goes out.

By default Outlook will save a draft every three minutes.  But if you are paranoid about losing your work… or don’t care that much… you can change the timeframes in which the auto-save occurs.

To increase or decrease the auto-save time for draft emails in Outlook 2007:

1) Click “Options” from the menu

2) Make sure you are on the “Preferences” tab”

3) Click the “E-mail Options…” button

4) Click the “Advanced E-Mail Options…” button (about half way down the window)

5) Beside the first checkbox (“AutoSave items every:”) change the number to the number of minutes you would like the interval to be

6) Click OK 3 times to close all the windows


To find the drafts that Outlook saves, just take a look in your drafts folder

‘till next time!

2 thoughts on “Change the auto-save time for draft emails in Outlook 2007

  1. Hi. I’ve done this and it works fine for new emails (onces i start), but when i reply to a message, the reply is not saved in drafts automatically unless i physically press the save button.

    Is it possible to autosave reply and forward emails too?

  2. Wrong answer. Recently, I will be composing an email message and the system [outlook] says the message was saved in draft, but when I go there it is not there. At the same time the tool bar removes all of my choices and the SEND is gone along with every thing else. All I have been able todo is copy and past the message into another email I opened, re-address it, add the subject line again. and send out of the newly opened outlook. This has happened twice this AM already.
    The old message never shows up in the draft folder.

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