The file menu is back! Welcome to Office 2010

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So if you are a bit of an Office freak like me, you will know that Office 2010 was RTM’d last week (Released to Manufacturing – a fancy way of saying “yep, its ready”).  It will be available in the shops in the next few months, but if you are a corporate customer with a volume licensing agreement – or you have a subscription to MSDN or TechNet – you will find you can get the Office 2010 bits, and product keys already.

With RTM comes a shift in content here at The New Paperclip.  Whilst I will still produce Office 2007 content, there is a whole new world of Office 2010 that is to be explored, documented, and published in easy to understand language just for you kind folks!

Before we get into the nitty gritty of Office 2010 – there is one thing I would love to share with you.

One thing that most of you will like (and people that work on IT Helpdesks will LOVE) about Office 2010 is that the File Menu is back!  Well, technically it never left, but in Office 2007 it wasn’t called the File Menu, it was simply this weird looking “Office Orb”. 

So IT Managers – if you are looking for a quick win to cut your helpdesk calls dramatically (you know… all the ones that were like “Where has Print gone”, Where has Save gone” etc) – just upgrade to Office 2010.  Because everyone knows, you find them in the File Menu.  And you will not get as many calls about

“What is that funny looking circle thing… what do you mean you want me to click on it?  It doesn’t look like a button!”

If you are upgrading to Office 2010 – make sure you subscribe or check back regularly for more tips, tricks and tutorials.

‘till next time!

2 thoughts on “The file menu is back! Welcome to Office 2010

  1. I have Word 2010 and I can’t find the File menu, or any of the old File Edit etc. menus I’ve used for 20 years.

    Today, I’m looking for the Revert button because I made some changes to a document I’d received which runs off the paper. In attempting these changes I made things worse. Now I can’t undo the changes so I need the old trusty Revert button.

    I can’t find it in the Ribbon, though in clicking various buttons I found out further ways to mess up my document.

    Can I get the old Menu bar back? I can’t stand this new Office 2010 Suite.


  2. Sigh…
    So now MSFT is stuck in Legacy Hell – where mindless users are hopelessly befuddled because the File menu has been replaced by an Orb. How hard is it – how much thinking “outside the box” does it take – to say to oneself “I wonder what happens if I click that big circle up in the upper left hand corner right where the File menu used to be”? OK – the Orb wasn’t a major productivity enhancer, but it was still a sign that we weren’t going to be beholden to the users who needed an excuse – any excuse – for not getting their work done on time. “We’ve had to slip the target date for our project by six months because someone removed the File menu and didn’t notify us.” Yeah – I have a background in IT Services and I’ve seen this sort of thing and had to take the blame for major delays because the users were not properly notified of a trivial change that had no bearing on their work.

    Apple can get away with completely revamping their architecture and UIs while providing no documentation at all. They just claim it’s so intuitive that users will know what to do. And their users love it. But apparently Microsoft customers have reptilian brains with hardwired responses to everything, and can’t adapt to any change. I still work primarily with Windows (well, my day job is all Linux) and I have no desire to join the Apple bandwagon, but after seeing the general reaction to the Orb and the Ribbon, I’m becoming a little embarrassed about the company I keep.

    End of Rant. I feel much better now.

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