Increase the number of upcoming appointments in the Outlook 2007 To-Do Bar

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The To-Do bar in Outlook 2007 is a great time saver – a quick way to understand your current workload, and upcoming appointments.

By default there should be three upcoming appointments shown in the to-do bar – but did you know that you can customise it so you can show more, or less appointments?

To increase or decrease the number of upcoming appointments shown in the Outlook 2007 to-do bar:

1) Right click on the To-Do Bar

2) Click “Options…” from the menu that appears

3) In the “To-Do Bar Options” box that appears, change the number of appointments to your preferred number.

Whilst you can have more appointments visible than that can fit on your screen, don’t go to overboard… 5 or 7 would be the upper limit for it to be useful.

‘till next time!

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