Change the look of your Bullets in Word 2007

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Are you bored of bullets that just look like… well… bullets?  Did you know you can change the look of the bullets in your bulleted lists in Word 2007?

To do so…

1) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab of the Ribbon”

2) Look for the “Paragraph” group

3) Click on the little arrow beside the “Bullet” button

4) Select a bullet design from the “Bullet Library”, or click on “Define New Bullet”

If you are defining a new bullet, you will see that you can select any symbol or picture that you want!  You could literally use a mug shot of yourself as a bullet if you really wanted to!

That could be too much fun!

‘till next time!

2 thoughts on “Change the look of your Bullets in Word 2007

  1. I cannot get Word 2007 to retain my bullets. I use an image of our logo and have been doing it for years. When I converted to 2007, even in a brand new document, I cannot get it to retain its shape. It shrinks into an indiscernable blob. Any thoughts?

  2. How do you change the indent positions with bullets?

    I want them to be closer to the left margin of paragraph.

    Thank you.

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