Change your default reply font colour in Outlook 2007

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Have you ever noticed whenever you reply to an email the font colour isn’t black, but a dark blue?

Well like most things in Outlook 2007, if you want you are able to change the default reply font color.

To do so:

1) Click on “Tools”

2) Click on “Options”

3) Click on the “Mail Format” tab

4) Click on “Stationery and Fonts” – about half way down the “Options” dialog box

5) About half way down the “Signatures and Stationery” dialog box that appears, you will find  a section called “Replying or forwarding messages”.  Click on the “Font” button directly below that, and then select the font colour you would like to use. 

6) Click “OK” three times to close all the boxes.


You can also change your default reply font and size using this technique

‘till next time!

7 thoughts on “Change your default reply font colour in Outlook 2007

  1. i have a person here who when she replies to certain messages in outlook 2007 she is unable to change the font,,,buttons are grayed out ???


  2. If the buttons are grayed out, maybe the e-mail that was sent to her was in plain text format. A plain text e-mail will not allow font changes.

    In order to reply and change font, hit the reply button, then, on the Message Options tab, in the Format group, click the format that you want to use (Plain Text, HTML, or Rich Text).

  3. In outlook 2010 these options can be found in the “signatures and stationery” box.

    While composing a reply, under the message tab, click “signature”

    Scroll to the bottom and select “Signatures…” And the options you want will be found on the “Personal Stationery” tab.

  4. Can the default reply line spacing be changed? Have changed default line spacing for email I’m sending but that does not hold for a reply.

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