Trace Precedents in Excel 2007

Who else wants to know the secret to Excel Formulas?

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Have you ever wanted to quickly know what cells directly impact on the calculated value of a cell in Excel 2007.

By using the “Trace Precedents” feature, you can very quickly understand exactly which cells influence the output of a cell.  The best part of this feature is, that you will see big arrows that enable you to visually see the relationship, so you don’t have to decipher formulas and cell names to make sense of it all.

To turn on Trace Precedents:

1) Select the cell you want to see the precedents of

2) Make sure you are on the “Formulas” tab of the ribbon

3) Look for the “Formula Auditing” group (about 3/4 of the way along the ribbon)

4) Click on “Trace Precedents”

Now you will see arrows pointing you in the right direction!

‘till next time!

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