Double Underline in Word 2007

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You know there are just some times when you really need to make a point!  And using a double underline is a great way of making sure your readers know exactly what you mean!

Doing a normal, single underline in Word 2007 is easy… but what about a double underline?  Well it is just as easy.

1) Select the text you want to double underline

2) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab of the ribbon

3) Look for the “Font” group"

4) Click on the little down arrow beside the “Underline” button – that is the one that looks like a U with a underline below it

5) Select the underline that you would like to use.

‘till next time!

3 thoughts on “Double Underline in Word 2007

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  2. Formatting a bulleted list as a paragraph doesn’t work.

    How do I get Word 2007 to adjust paragraph spacing within bulleted lists? I want to add 6 points after each bullet point. I can only add a full line using a soft return.

    The unbulleted paragraphs are fine.

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