Make your text UPPERCASE in Word 2007

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Do you want to quickly change some text from lowercase to uppercase, without having to retype it?

It is really simple in Word 2007!

1) Select the text you want to change to UPPERCASE

2) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab in the ribbon

3) Look for the “Font” group

4) Click on the “Change Case” button – which you will find directly below where you select the font size

5) From the menu that appears, click on “UPPERCASE”

Whilst you are there, check out some of the other case options you can have… like Sentence case, lowercase, Capitalize Each Word, and tOGGLE cASE.

‘till next time!

2 thoughts on “Make your text UPPERCASE in Word 2007

  1. Does this option exist in Excel 2010? How to find it? I want to change to uppercase some columns of data. (I know about =upper() function, but i want something just to change it insude column, without creating new column.

  2. Select desired text, copy/paste to blank word 2007 page, ctrl-A, font button, change font, uppercase, ctrl-c, go back to excel sheet and ctrl-v to paste it back in.

    Sounds lame, but this is quicker than making column, entering formula, pasting down, copy/pasting value, and removing columns in Excel. (ctrl-keystrokes, one button, and one window ruondtrip makes it fewer kinds of actions and slightly more efficient I think.) Maybe they’ll unveil the excel upper case button in Windows Vista2 and some more real upgrades in Windows 8. 🙂

    Some programmerz might chime in here with making a button and a clever macro and such.

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