Select similarly formatted text in Word 2007

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Did you know in Word you can automatically select all the text in a document that shares the same formatting?

For example, you can select all text that is Arial, 12pt.  Very handy if you are not using styles, yet want to apply a formatting change across select blocks of text.

To select text with similar formatting in Word 2007:

1) Select some of the text you want to select

2) Make sure you are on the home tab of the ribbon

3) Look for the “Editing” group on the right hand side of the ribbon

4) Click on “Select”

5) Click on “Select Text with Similar Formatting”

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3 thoughts on “Select similarly formatted text in Word 2007

  1. I searched endlessly in Word’s help files and could not find this. You were number one in my Google search results, and you had exactly what I needed.

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