How to undo in Word 2010

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So you have upgraded to Word 2010!  If you have made the leap from Office 2003 or earlier, you might have a few challenges finding some of the features you use regularly.  One of those great features is Undo!  (I think Undo is the feature I use the most!)

To undo in Word 2010, you can either do it using your mouse, or using some shortcut keys.

To undo using your mouse in Word 2010:

  • Look towards the top left hand corner of your Word 2010 window.  Just above the office button you will see a number of small icons along the top of the screen (by the way – that is called the “Quick Access Toolbar”).  Click on the one that looks like an arrow that points backwards – that is the undo button. 
  • If you want to undo more than one mistake action – click on the little down arrow beside that button, and it will give you a list of actions you can undo!

To undo using shortcut keys in Word 2010:

  • Simply hold down the “CTRL” key, and press “z” (CTRL+Z)
  • To undo more than once, just keep pressing CTRL+Z

So there you have it – the easy way to get rid of your mistakes in Word 2010! 🙂

‘till next time!

(PS. try this article if you are looking to undo in Word 2007)

11 thoughts on “How to undo in Word 2010

  1. this was a great help. I almost lost my whole project. Although is wasn’t that much but… I didn’t want to do it again. Thanks man. u rock.

  2. Hi.

    I wonder if you can clear up a problem I am experiencing in Word 2010. It relates to selecting shapes, etc in a document.

    In Word 2007, I was able to use the mouse to capture (lasso) a number of objects and then group them together.

    I upgraded from 2007 to 2010 Professional Plus, and although the Select Objects feature is shown on the ribbon, I find I cannot lasso the (for example) texts boxes.

    I have tried uninstalling all traces of 2007 and 2010 and have reinstalled 2010, however this has not changed anything.

    Any advice please?



  3. thanksssss sooooo much i thought i messed up my whole entire project and ctrl + z was not undoing enough. would have never guessed it was right in front of my face

  4. Thank you sooo much. You saved my life. I was doing an English assignment and I highlighted the whole text to do word count but I accidentally deleted the whole thing. But thanks to the tip you posted I’m saved. Thank you once again and hopefully I get an A, wish me luck

  5. damn word 2010! i`ve been using it for the past 6 months. i love it and hate it at the same time. i had almost lost my work and i couldn`t remember the shortcut key for undo but you made my day!
    thank you!!

  6. Thank you! All this time I’ve been clicking on the word “undo” wondering why nothing happened, never once noticing the second button that pops up. I was ready to dump this newly purchased program and go back to Open Source. Thanks for the save. Bill Gates can get the finger for 2010.

  7. I wish the government would take word 2003 and give it away. Ninety percent of the space is taken up by functions used one percent of the time. What better proof that private industry is worse than the government then Word 2010

  8. This works great in Word but not in Outlook which is where I need it most. Not sure what MicroSoft was thinking by getting rid of such a basic feature. Not liking the new format in outlook at all both for this and that the send receive is now on a different file tab. Seriously don’t think that the people that design these new versions actually use them in a more practical way. Sigh…

  9. Is there a way to undo movement on your page? For example, I right click on the TOC or a link to go to a particular section in the document, but now I want to go back to where I came from. Undo only handles actual changes

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