Print your spreadsheet on just one page in Excel

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Don’t you hate when you print your spreadsheet, and one or two columns end up going over onto a second page?  It happens to me ALL THE TIME!

But there is a way to save you from stressing, and save the environment at the same time 🙂

There is a page setup option in Excel 2007, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 which you can use to fit your spreadsheet onto a single page (or onto a particular number of pages that you set!)

Here is how:

1) Click on the “Page Layout” tab in the Ribbon

2) Look for the “Page Setup” group, and click on the little square with the arrow pointing out of it in the bottom right hand corner

3) In the “Page Setup” box that appears, look in the “Scaling” section, and select “Fit to:”

4) By default, it will be set to one page wide by one page tall.  Select how many pages wide or tall you want your spreadsheet to be printed as.

5) Click “Print Preview” if you want to take a look at what the scaled or up version of your spreadsheet will look like, and if you are happy with it – click “Print”!

6) Click “OK” to close the Page Setup box


‘till next time!

23 thoughts on “Print your spreadsheet on just one page in Excel

  1. Thank you so much! I’ve been working on this for almost an hour now…until I decided to finally google haha. Thank you very much! I hope you have a wonderful life! haha 🙂

  2. Another instance of a 2003 option being totally hidden under 2007. Press the ‘little square’, are these guys for real! At least it is easier to get to then where I found it under Print – Print Preview – Page Setup, although here it is an actual button rather than a hidden dot on the screen. You have to love relearning a product from first principles when you upgrade. I’m yet to find anything in 2007 better or easier than 2003.

  3. How do you save that instruction so it will be the default command, i.e. fit the next excel worksheet onto 1 printed page?

  4. thank you for the tip, i have been trying to teach myself excel, but there are just some things i cant seem to figure out so i had to cheat and check online but im glad i did lol

  5. Now if only you could save that as part of a custom theme. I create spreadsheets every day and created my own custom theme. But that command doesn’t save to the theme.

  6. I have a spreadsheet with data that is only 4 columns wide and very long. The same set of columns could concievably fit beside the 1st set on the the same page. If I could get the columns to print in the blank space of the sheet, I could cut the number of pages in half. Is this possible?

  7. Dear Sir / Ms.,

    I want to print A1, B1, C1 & D1 in one row. Then E1 in next row. Then F1 in next row, on a small sized paper. This way I want to print rows 1,2,3…etc. separately on separate sheets. How can I do that in Excel 2007?
    Thank you.

    Prakash Kulkarni

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