Insert a “Date Picker” into your Word 2007 document

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Are you lazy like me and hate typing dates?  Well did you know you can add one of those cool calendar style date pickers to your Word 2007 document?

It is pretty easy:

1) Make sure you can see the “Developer” tab in the Ribbon.  If you can’t, click on the Office menu (you know… the old file menu) in the top left hand corner of Word 2007, then click on “Word Options”.  Then simply check the third checkbox “Show Developer tab in the Ribbon”

2) Click on the “Developer” tab in the Ribbon

3) Look for the “Controls Group”

4) Click on the icon that looks like a tiny calendar (should be the second icon on the second row)

5) Click on the control that now has been added to your document, and select your favourite date!

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