Browse by Headings, Tables, Endnotes, Sections and more in Word 2007

Page up and page down are great tools to quickly move through your Word 2007 document.  But they are not that precise.  Wouldn’t it be good if you could browse by things that matter in your document – like all the headings, or the tables, or the graphics?

Well you can!

In fact you can browse by all of the following:

  • Fields
  • Endnotes
  • Footnotes
  • Edits
  • Headings
  • Comments
  • Sections
  • Graphics
  • Tables
  • and of course, the default – Pages

… simply by using CTRL + PgUP (Page Up), and CTRL + PgDn (Page Down) – or the up and down arrows in the bottom right hand corner of your Word 2007 window

So how do you set which thing you want to browse by?  There are two ways:

1) Click on the “dot” in the bottom right hand corner of your Word 2007 window (the dot in between the two up and down arrows) – and then select what you want to browse by


2) Use the shortcut “ALT + CTRL + HOME” and then select your preference

So for example, say you select “Browse by Heading”, every time you press CTRL + PgDn, the cursor will move to the next heading.  Likewise if you selected “Browse by Table”, every time you press CTRL + PgUp, the cursor will move to the previous table.

This can be a very powerful tool to use, especially if you are editing or reviewing your document!

‘till next time!
TNP ;)

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