Fine grained Leading/Line Spacing control in Word 2007

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Are the normal line spacing (or “Leading”) options in Word 2007 just not enough?  Not very many people know it, but you can have some very fine grained control over the space between your lines.

In fact, you can say how many “Pts” space there is – for example, 12pts, or you can get really precise and give a spacing in cm, mm, or inches.

Here is how to do it!

1) Select the text you want to change the leading/line spacing of

2) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab in the Ribbon

3) Look for the “Paragraph” group, and click on the little square with an arrow pointing out of it in the bottom right hand corner of that group

4) Look down the box that appears until you get to the “Spacing” options.  In the right hand column you will see a “Line Spacing:” drop down box.  Select “Exactly”

5) Beside that dropdown box, there is a dropdown box called “At:”.  Type in your desired line spacing or leading in pts, cm, mm, or "

6) Click “OK”


Now you have precise control over exactly how far apart your lines appear in Word 2007!  How good is that!

‘till next time!

7 thoughts on “Fine grained Leading/Line Spacing control in Word 2007

  1. I have an issue with Office 2007 that I can resolve. We have a teacher for every page he prints in Word07 there is always an extra sheet. We have been through the help and in a print preview there only shows one page. Any ideas. Thanks, Pat

  2. Hello,

    I can’t change the spacing between the lines.

    In some instructions they tell me: “click on ‘Home Tab'” or
    “Be sure to be on the ‘Home Tab’?

    I don’t know where the “Home Tab” is and how to find it.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi
    Yeah the printing of the extra page.. sometimes when you are typing it will add an extra page. Go to the bottom of the page, and insert your curser. then hit back space until you get right up to the last line of your text. that SHOULD delete your extra page, but you can always choose to print only the first page, or how many pages it is, from the print dialog box.. and thanks for the help on leading in word! help greatly

  4. The instructions you give for changing the leading don’t work. I tried to change the line spacing between two 18pt.words i.e.
    so that there was only a 12 pt spacee between the lines.
    instead it cut the word Thanksgiving in half and shoved Dinner up under it. Before Windows 7 I could go into the font, change it to 12 pt before hitting the return key, and a 12 pt space would go between two 18 or 16 pt lines.

  5. This doesn’t work; as Deana mentioned Word doesn’t just cut the spacing between the lines, it cuts the lines themselves so letters are cropped.

  6. Giving an example would be better: Such as, if you want to use 13 pt. font with 2 pt. leading, select exact then enter 15 pt. for the spacing.

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