Forward an email as an attachment in Outlook 2007

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Do you receive those loooooooooooooong emails at work which have about 14 different message replies or forwards included in the body of the email?

Wouldn’t it  be good to start from scratch and have all that content in an attachment?  Well in Outlook 2007 you can do just that – forward an email as an attachment.  What does that mean?  That the recipient of your message can focus on your message, and not all the boring messages that came beforehand 🙂

So how do you forward an email as an attachment in Outlook 2007?

1) Select your message

2) Press CTRL + ALT + “F”

3) Type your message and hit send!


Simple as that!  If you want to forward multiple emails as attachments, just select all the messages first before typing CTRL + ALT + “F”

‘till next time!

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