Change the color of a workbook in OneNote 2007

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If you are a keen user of OneNote 2007, you by now will have 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 or more workbooks.  One way that you can differentiate between those different workbooks is the colour that each one has.

That’s right!  Did you notice that each workbook icon is in fact a different colour? 

Well like most things in Office 2007, it is really easy to change those workbook colours.  Maybe you want to do it so one or two key workbooks stand out… maybe you just want to show some of your personality.  Either way, this is how you go about it!

1) Right click on the OneNote 2007 Workbook

2) Select “Properties…”

3) Select your favourite color from the colour palate.

4) Click “OK”


‘till next time!

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