How to change the layout of a slide in PowerPoint 2007

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I am sure you are more than familiar with the default layouts that you regularly see in PowerPoint 2007.  The first one you always see is the “Title Slide” layout, pharmacy and whenever you add a new slide after that, you will see the “Title and Content” layout.

But did you know that there are plenty of other layouts you can use, which might help you lay out the information on your slide a lot cleaner, nicer, better etc etc.

If you are on the “Home” tab of the Ribbon you will see the “Slides” group, and in that group, the “Layout” button.  If you click on that, you will see all the different layout options at your disposal:

  • Title Slide
  • Title and Content
  • Section Header
  • Two Content
  • Comparison
  • Title Only
  • Blank
  • Content with Caption
  • Picture with Caption

There are two simple ways you can use these layouts in your PowerPoint deck.

Create a new slide with a specific layout

1) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab in the Ribbon

2) In the “Slides” group, click on “New Slide”

3) Select your preferred layout from the gallery


… alternatively you can change the layout of specific slides in your presentation.

Change the layout of an existing slide

1) Select the slide or slides you want to change the layout of

2) Right click on the selected slide(s), and move your mouse over “Layout”

3) Select your preferred layout from the gallery


‘till next time!

3 thoughts on “How to change the layout of a slide in PowerPoint 2007

  1. Hi, is there a way to get a layout that isn’t listed? For example, In a powerpoint that I’m making I want to compare three things on one slide, but there is only an option for comparing two things. Can you help me?

  2. hello i want a new layout dat isnt listed. 4 e.g. i hav 2 make 6 points but there is a layout where i can make only 2 .can u plz help me?

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