Show a PowerPoint 2007 slide show in a window

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Did you ever notice that when you show your PowerPoint 2007 deck that it always shows it as a full screen?

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to show a PowerPoint presentation in a window that you can resize to meet the needs of your presentation?  For example, case you might want to demonstrate a product, and have your presentation on the screen at the same time!

Well there is a well hidden command in PowerPoint 2007 which means you can show your deck in a window!  Here is how to do it:

1) Beside the quick access toolbar (in the top left hand corner of the screen – it is the one what has the save, and undo buttons) you will see a little arrow that points down.  Click on that

2) From the menu that appears, click “More Commands…”

3) In the “Choose commands from:” dropdown box, select “All Commands”

4) You will see literally hundreds of commands listed.  Luckily they are all in alphabetical order!  Scroll down until you find one that says “Slide Show in a Window”.  Click on that.

5) Click on the “Add > >” button to add that command to your quick access toolbar

6) Click “OK”


You will notice that there is a brand new button in your quick access toolbar in PowerPoint 2007.  It looks like a presentation screen, with a window in front of it.

Simply click on that button, and your presentation is now delivered through a window instead of full screen!

How easy is that!

‘till next time!

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