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I thought I would spend some time today checking out some of the other Office 2007 help/tutorial sites out there.  There are quit a few good ones, and in the interest of helping you get the most out of your Word 2007 experience, I thought I will publish a list of my favorite ones!

Now of course, you will find the best Word 2007 tutorials (if I do say so myself) here at TheNewPaperclip.com… but if you want a bit of variety… check out a few of these guys!

Microsoft Office Online – Word 2007 Courses (Microsoft.com)

There are 27 courses here, each ranging from 20-50 minutes on a wide range of Word 2007 topics.  And this is straight from the horses mouth at Microsoft!

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial – Free & Online (BayconGroup.com)

Full of practical exercises, this beginners tutorial is broken into five lessons so you can learn at your own pace!

Microsoft Word 2007 In Pictures (InPics.net)

This is a great visual tutorial that explains exactly how to get up to speed with the basics in Word 2007 – highly recommended!

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials (Word07.com)

Fairly comprehensive list of topics covering most of what you would want to know about Word 2007.

So there you have it – a quick selection of some of the best Word 2007 tutorials out there. 

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‘till next time!

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  1. While using mail merge, the data from Excel which is in decimals ( lime 10.50) is displayed in main letter as 10.49999999995. Kindly advise how to rectify

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