Combine your revisions in different documents in Word 2007

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Has this ever happened to you?  You start working on your masterpiece in Word 2007, and then you send the document out to a number of people for their feedback.

They all add their two cents (some add twenty!) and then email the document back to you.

But now you are stuck in a dilemma… how do you quickly merge all those changes together into one document, without having to read each line and try to understand what they changed.

Well there is a great feature in Word 2007 called “Combine”.  You can use it to simply combine to documents, and see all the differences between the two documents.  You can track what has been inserted, what has been deleted, what has been moved, any formatting changes, and see any comments they made.

But that isn’t the best part.  It also creates a new combined document without losing the original and revised document.

So how do you do it?

1) Make sure you are on the “Review” tab in the Ribbon

2) Look for the “Compare” group

3) Click on the little arrow below the “Compare” button

4) Click “Combine”

5) Select your “Original Document” and your “Revised Document”

6) Click OK

7) Check out your brand new combined Word 2007 document!


How easy is that!

‘till next time!

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