Change the default font of your IM conversations in Office Communicator 2007

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Do you HATE Tahoma?  Would you prefer something that suits your style?  Like a classy Georgia?  Or a disturbed Comic Sans MS?

Well it is really simple to change the default font in Office Communicator 2007.

1) Click on the big “Status Indicator” in the top left hand corner of your Office Communicator 2007 window

2) Click on “Options”

3) Select the “General” tab in the options box that appears

4) In the “Instance message settings section, click on “Change Font…”

5) Select your favourite font

6) Click OK twice to close all the dialog boxes

There you go… now your instant message conversations in Office Communicator 2007 will match your personal style… or as the marketing gurus say… your personal “brand”.

‘till next time!

12 thoughts on “Change the default font of your IM conversations in Office Communicator 2007

  1. how do you change the default font color using custom color and not the predefined ones? i mean the colors available when you change font color in message window, since the available colors for the default font are rather limited

  2. That’s an easy bit. Has anyone tried to change/override incoming font? I don’t want to see pink fonts coming from my colleagues with 6 size. I would like to have whole conv with my own setting.

    Any idea?

  3. Thanks but is doesn’t work for the received messages. Changing the font affects only my outgoing stuff. What am I doing wrong?

    Tx – AP

  4. To Darek –> Did you ever find out about incoming message font? I run my desktop at high resolution, and even an 8 point font look incredibly tiny.

    If you found an answer, work around, hack… please post it.

  5. Office Communicator 2003 allowed me to set my fault font to Sylfaen but 2009 doesn’t have it in the options. However, when I open a chat window with someone I have the option to temp change it to Sylfaen.

    How can I permanantly get it on Sylfaen like other fonts?

  6. hey, my overall font size has changed. Means, even incoming messages are looking small. what can be the solution? Thnx!

  7. To increase the font of incoming messages, just press CTRL + ].

    More you press, more the font will be big, to decrease, press CTRL + [

  8. Pretty please, if anyone knows an answer to Darek and Joe’s question, share it with us!

    The Comic Sans of some of my colleagues is really killing me…

  9. Communicator 2007’s font handling is totally stupid, sorry.

    I can control the size of my outgoing text on my end, but according to MS documentation the end user will still see the size according to their settings. That would be a good thing, so they can avoid being forced to stare at 64-pt or 6-pt fonts, but then why are incoming fonts for me so absolutely tiny? Why is there no “minimum font size” preference?

    Yes, there’s the “Edit > Text Display Size” control in the conversation window, but that governs both my own text and the incoming one – and in practice my own text has a reasonable size and the incoming one is minuscule, so I need to go to larger or largest display to read it, but then my own font becomes huge. Idiotic – they should be uniform, and if anything my own text should be smaller, since I know what I wrote.

    Seems things get especially wonky when Mac clients are involved.

    IM is all about text, not about bells and whistles like marked-up text. Communicator 2003 had this right.

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