See everything on your clipboard in Word 2007

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Do you love using copy and paste in Word 2007?  Well if you do, you might know that your clipboard can keep up to the last 24 things you have copied, just in case you want to use them again.

But how do you see what is still on your clipboard, and more importantly, how do you use those “clips” again?

1) Make sure you are on the “Home” tab in the Ribbon

2) Look for the “Clipboard” group – it should be the one on the left hand side

3) Click on the little square that looks like it has an arrow pointing out of it, in the bottom right hand corner of the “Clipboard” group

4) A box showing everything in the clipboard will appear


Now all you need to do if you want to use something on the clipboard is simply click on it in that clipboard box!  How easy is that!

And if you know you wont use something in the clipboard again, you can delete it to make room for other things.  Simply right click on the clip you want to get rid of, and click “Delete”

‘till next time!

One thought on “See everything on your clipboard in Word 2007

  1. When I save something to the clipboard it is there for the day but when I log off at night and then log on in the morning, the clipboard has been cleared. How do I set the clipboard to save the things I place there until “I” decide to delete them? Thank you!

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