Stop Groove 2007 alerts annoying you all the time!

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Are you an active user of Groove 2007, and are constantly bombarded with alerts telling you manner of things have changed!  Well there is an easy way to stop the insanity, the annoyance, and be more productive.  All you need to do is “Suppress” the alerts:

1) Look at the Groove 2007 Launchbar

2) In the “Common Tasks” section, simply click on “Suppress Alerts”


If you get bored and want your alerts back, simply go back to the Launchbar, and click “Show Alerts”

‘till next time!

One thought on “Stop Groove 2007 alerts annoying you all the time!

  1. Unfortunately it seems that the suppression only works until you start groove the next time. Whereupon it will continue to give you the alerts. So every time you restart you will have to do this.

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