Change spacing between paragraphs in Word 2007

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Do you want a little extra space before a paragraph?  Or maybe you want a big break after one?  Well lucky for you you can change the spacing before and after each of your paragraphs in Word 2007.  And the best part is that you can be very granular in how much space you want there to be!

Here is how:

1) Select the paragraph or paragraphs you want to change the paragraph spacing of

2) In the “Ribbon”, make sure you are on the “Page Layout” tab

3) Look for the “Paragraph” group

4) Simply enter how much space you want before, or after your paragraph.  You can use “pt” points (just like your font size), or you can use cm, mm, inches.

Now you can get your paragraphs to sit exactly where you want them to!

‘till next time!

One thought on “Change spacing between paragraphs in Word 2007

  1. And how to make this the default? I click to make it the default but it does not listen.

    Why do you keep putting in automatic functions that I must struggle to manually override to create a simple document? I think one more version of Microsoft Office will make it completely unuseable. As it is, it is has been decreasing productivity since the mouse was invented, and the figures left the keyboard. Remember control characters? Why are we dumbing down and becoming slower workers? Is not the opposite of what technology is supposed to do for us? Typists with electric typewriters could go faster.

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